COBRA insignia by Balsavor

Central Insignia

Affiliation: Independent Military Criminal Organization
Commanding Navy/Military: Cobra Navy
Date of Foundation: Possibly sometime in 1940s
Capitol City: Cobra Island
Central/Main Species: Human

Humanoid Reptilan

Current Members/Soldiers: 500,000 (at last US gov intel report)
Organization/Military Divisions: Cobra Infantry (Basic)
Central Leader(s): Central Commanders
Commanding Officer(s): Cobra Division Leaders

The Covert Operations Battle Rogue Assualt organization or simply COBRA as the United States Government as designated it for short. Is one of the central and most powerful terrorist syndicates on Earth. A ruthless terrorist organization determined to rule the world. They are usually publiclly led by the ruthless Cobra Commander however the majority of its secret operations are run by a central figure known only a its "Emperor" , although others have at times usurped control.

Cobra centrally relies on the might of its legions of foot soldiers known collectively as Cobra Troopers to execute its diabolical schemes while trying to destroy its main enemy: G.I. Joe

History Edit

Cobras origins most likley lie at some point shortly or just before the end of World War II as an early offshoot of the Nazi Party as a covert strike force of Hitlers remaining loyal troops. However after several decades of large intersyndicate political and leader changes that occurred during the early 1960s Cobras motivations began to change from a 3rd Reich revenge force to a soley money and power motivated terrorist group.