Cobra Infantry Corps
Cobra Trooper 0011

Basic Cobra Combat Uniform

Affiliation: Cobra
Commanding Navy/Military: Cobra Navy
Date of Foundation: Unknown
Capitol City: Cobra Island
Central/Main Species: Human
Current Members/Soldiers: 500,000
Organization/Military Divisions: Basic Trooper (Recruit & Basic)
  • Polar Trooper
  • Desert Trooper
  • Python Patrol (elite corps)
  • Spy/Covert Trooper
Central Leader(s): Cobra Commander (Central)

Major Bludd (Divisional)

Cobra Trooper (Modern) 0004

The Cobra Infantry Corps or Cobra Troopers as they are more commonly known are the central fighting backbone of the international paramilitary terrorist force known as Cobra.

History Edit

Before Cobra started to have more specialized personnel, there were the Cobra Troopers. These men served as the basic infantrymen of Cobra. Each man swore absolute loyalty to its leader Cobra Commander. While serving as the infantrymen of the organization, they are also cross-trained to be proficient in least two other support skills. The lot of what makes up the Trooper forces are mercenaries and criminal elements who have taken up Cobra's offer of wealth and power.

Infantry Corps Divisions Edit