G.I. Jane is an elite classified exclusively all female anti-terrorism force/unit of the United States Military. G.I. Jane was created after the end of World War II as a elite paramilitary global security organization consisting of the most skilled, athletic, and determined women from around the world. Whatever espionage or highly intricate situation that G.I. Joe cant handle G.I. Jane is always there to handle it.

Unit History Edit

G.I. Jane was 1st created in 1945 shortly after the creation of the WACs one of the 1st all female military units created by US Armed Forces. However it wasn't originally called G.I. Jane, C.I.A. Records dating back to 1946 show that the unit was originally jokingly nicknamed Operation: Lipstick by CIA Agents at the time. Lipstick consisted of female soldiers and Special/Black Ops. units from america, england, south and north africa and even russia and china.